Hey Love!…

I met my wife in a library, introduced to her by an English Teacher. That's oddly poetic to me, for a wannabe writer to meet the love of his life in such a way. If the me of today were to hop into a time machine and go back and visit the 16-year-old me of yesterday,... Continue Reading →

Crunch Time…

Things are getting very interesting around these parts. I am at the beginning of the end. Or a better phrasing may be to say, I have just begun the final level for this particular iteration of the game. It's the fourth quarter, we've entered the final stretch. For the past year and a half I have been... Continue Reading →

Go Kinfolk, Go Kinfolk!

When I started driving, whenever I would leave the house, particularly with a group of friends, my mother would yell out, before I could even get out of the door, "Seatbelts, Speed limit." This was a reminder for us to wear our seatbelts and drive the speed limit. She still says that to me to this... Continue Reading →

Somnium Creaturae​…

I am alone. Floating in a timeless formless void. I attempt to move, but my body does not respond. I have no body. Where my arms and legs should be, there is nothing. All around me there is nothing. I am alone, floating in a timeless and formless void, without form. I do not know... Continue Reading →

A Campfire for the Boys…

*The following post contains roughly 2,000 words and takes about 10 to 12 minutes to read to completion.* While I was in college I used to work as a counselor at a summer day camp that sat right next to Percy Priest Lake. As a counselor, I was assigned a group of twelve to thirteen boys who... Continue Reading →

A New Era

I'm a fan of the basketball player Lebron James. Drafted straight out of high school, and thus far has accumulated three NBA Championships, four Most Valuable Players Awards, Three Finals Most Valuable Players Awards and two Olympic Gold Medals. A spot in the NAb Hall of Fame is guaranteed, his legacy is secured. And still, Lebron... Continue Reading →

To Live for…

I know for me, personally, as a man, whenever my devotion to a thing is challenged, anytime my dedication or loyalty is called into question, particularly in the realm of love, one of the first things I eagerly and proudly declare in my own defense is how I would willingly and gladly die for the... Continue Reading →

Modern Restroom Etiquette for Men

Walks into restroom, sees two urinals. Urinal on the left is occupied, urinal on the right is free. Forgoes open urinal, attempts to go into open stall.  Toilet in stall has very small amount of fecal matter inside it. Refuses to flush toilet and then urinate within it, knowing that fecal matter was seen within... Continue Reading →

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