Street’s Disciple

When I was 15 I discovered the music of the rapper Nas and my life changed. I use to be a rapper myself... but that was a long time ago. Like, in high school. I wasn't a rapper for very long though, I mean relatively speaking, if we are looking at my life over the larger scope of time,... Continue Reading →

Innocence is Bliss…

I found a dead body once... When I was around 4 years old, I was jumping on a bed when my mother caught me in mid jump, sat me down on the edge of the bed and begin to put shoes on my feet. She told me we were going to see my grandfather, my father's father, and as... Continue Reading →

My Father, the Artist

Young boys idolize their Fathers, and I am no an exception to this rule. As a matter of fact, I may very well be the epitome of it. My father is an artist, and by that I mean, he can draw. He can draw really well actually. I'm not sure if that explains, or is... Continue Reading →

Nate Blogg!!!!!!

La-da-da-da-da its the one and only N-A-T-E! *C-Walks onto Blog* (NATE BLOGG you lil Buster!!!) La-da-da-da-da you know I'm mobbing with the... Ok I'm not mobbing with anyone at the moment, but hopefully you got the reference. Nate Blogg, get it... like Nate Dogg,  as in West Coast Hip Hop legend, as in Nate Dogg... Continue Reading →

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