Fifth Dimension

I am clearly in a love-hate relationship with this book project. And I feel myself spending a lot more time on the "hate" end of the spectrum, more than the love. Currently in the process of compiling the multiple short stories into one text and formatting them for both the print book and ebook editions. I... Continue Reading →

Flight 2427

Traveling from Nashville to Detroit for work. I hate flying. Nothing feels more powerless. I’d rather make a four hour drive than take a one hour flight any day of the week. Never do we relinquish so much control over the well being of our own lives as we do when we board an airplane.... Continue Reading →


I'm so pumped!!!!!!!! I've found my second wind and I am ready to kick it into overdrive as I try and finish up this book! I am in the final phases of wrapping up what has to be one of my longest short stories to date, and I have to say I am very excited... Continue Reading →

Live from the Netherworld…

It's been way to long. But I'm back. I know, I know you're disappointed in me, well guess what. I'm disappointed in myself. I haven't posted in forever, in 6 months actually. Jesus, that's a long time and to think I promised myself I would do better. Such shame. Well now that we got the... Continue Reading →

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