I have a Note….

Soooooo, I have epilepsy. Well I technically have epilepsy because around the age of 23 I began having unexplained seizures. I had one, went to the doctor about it, they said they had no idea why I had it and basically the world may never know. I shrugged my shoulders and thought “Well hell, if they aren’t concerned I’m not concerned.” and I brushed it off as a freak accident.

Then when I was about five years later, when I was 28. I was laying in bed with my new wife who was pregnant with my unborn son and, boom, I have another seizure in my sleep and I’m rushed to the ER.

After seizure number 2 I figured I have to take this things a bit more seriously, and I go and see a neurologist. Turns out if you have something like 2-3 grand mal seizures, which is what I had, then regardless of the reason for the seizures you technically have epilepsy now. Great now I have epilepsy. I get my brain scanned in big machines that look like they can give you super powers or launch you into a different point in space-time. They can’t and the don’t. Instead they simply tell me my brain is normal and healthy, no tumors, no swollen blood vessels, no scars, and for all of this I am truly thankful. I start taking medication to control the seizures and as a result I am generally annoyed by the entire ordeal, but considering I don’t have a brain tumor, I can’t be too annoyed.

Life goes on and I have like 3 more seizures on the next 5 years. All of them while I’m at work (might be a connection there) and all of them when I get off schedule with my medication.

And then about 3 weeks ago, I run out of my seizure medication, ask my wife to grab it from the pharmacy for me on her way home, she does, I take it, and I assume all is well. That night I finish up the blog post you may or may not have read right before this one. It’s about 11 pm, I lay down next to my wife, you know just to chit-chat before I get back to my blog, doze off and what do you know, I have a seizure. Turns out taking my medicine 6 hours late was just like not taking it at all (which definitely should not be the case) and then not only do I have one seizure, shortly after my brain reboots from that initial shutdown. I have another seizure. Perfection.

I wake up in the emergency room. My dad is there, he always looks disappointed when he sees me like this. I don’t blame him. I’m disappointed too. I stay in the hospital for a couple of hours, they confirm all my internal organs are working properly, mostly the kidneys. They were finding s high concentration of something in my blood or my urine, I don’t really remember which, at the time my mind was still… fuzzy. Whatever it was, turns out it was just an after effect of the seizures and my kidneys were fine. The let me go home. I go back to my neurologist, get my brain checked again just for good measure and fortunately, my brain while apparently defective, still seems to be in proper physical health. No tumors, no scars, no swollen blood vessels.

However, the seizure take a toll on the body and the brain so for about a week straight I was out of commission, couldn’t really eat for a couple of days and my eyes despised light and could not focus on anything to small for a few days as well. And for two weeks I could read, let alone writ without getting dizzy or nauseous.


And that Mrs. Cramble is why you haven’t seen me in 3 weeks and why I don’t have my homework today…..

But I must say its good to be back on the blog!






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