The Great Turtle Spirit

When I was growing up I was in love with the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. I loved the toys, I loved the cartoon, I loved the movies. So needless to say once I had a son, I wasted no time in reliving my childhood by brainwashing him into joining my twisted little turtle cult. Coincidentally,... Continue Reading →

Name Collecting

What's in a name? In fiction writing, I believe a character's name is the most important part of their being. A character's name is its soul, it is the essence of who that character is, or who they are to become. For my current project I basically took an old nickname and built a character around it, pretty soon... Continue Reading →

Fear is an Illusion…

Fear is an illusion, a fancy trick crafted by the mind in an attempt to protect you from a failure that could never exist if you eliminate those fears and go forward. Fear is an illusion, a psychological side effect of one's most basic and primal instinct for survival. It  is a means to an... Continue Reading →

Stranger than Fiction

I fancy myself a fiction writer. Which is to say, if given the opportunity between spending the day writing reality based stories or spending the day writing fantastical made up epics, I'd choose epics every time. But I've come to find out very recently, that I may be better at writing non-fiction than I am... Continue Reading →

My Father, the Artist

Young boys idolize their Fathers, and I am no an exception to this rule. As a matter of fact, I may very well be the epitome of it. My father is an artist, and by that I mean, he can draw. He can draw really well actually. I'm not sure if that explains, or is... Continue Reading →

Master Craft

I am convinced that the written word is one of the highest forms of communication among human beings. It is the closest thing to telepathy that we will get, until telepathy becomes available. With the written word, I take images and ideas from my mind and project similar, if not the exact same images and ideas into your mind. Telepathy, which when... Continue Reading →

Nate Blogg!!!!!!

La-da-da-da-da its the one and only N-A-T-E! *C-Walks onto Blog* (NATE BLOGG you lil Buster!!!) La-da-da-da-da you know I'm mobbing with the... Ok I'm not mobbing with anyone at the moment, but hopefully you got the reference. Nate Blogg, get it... like Nate Dogg,  as in West Coast Hip Hop legend, as in Nate Dogg... Continue Reading →

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